Manual : Mastering French in a medical setting

Preparing for the FRENCH EXAM for Health Professional Practice in Québec :

A Guide for Nurses and Doctors
November, 2017

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Description :

This manual is for nurses and doctors who must pass the French exam as candidates to their professional order, and sutdent nurses, doctors ans residents who wish to communicate better in their daily interactions with patients.

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The 16 modules found in this manual will guide you step-by-step in acquiring the necessary knowledge and competencies.

Following the modules, you will learn, for example:

  • Vocabulary necessary for explaining what you do on a daily basis, such as determining a plan of care, making a diagnosis or prescribing a treatment, explaining to a patient their illness and its management, etc.;
  • Basic tenses to be able to report on the current status of a patient as well as their antecedents and medical history, and to make recommendations;
  • Essential grammatical elements to construct a clear and simple sentence;
  • How to prepare for the exam;
  • The main rules of subject-verb agreement when speaking or writing.

In summary, to succeed with the exam or to communicate clearly with a patient, the message must be clear and precise. No need to make it complicated!