Program for Real Estate Brokers

Preparing for the OQLF French Exam

The goal of the exam is to ensure that you have a knowledge of French “appropriate for the practice of your profession”. This means that the scenario you will be presented with will be related to what you do on a daily basis as a real estate broker: Describing the features and the location of the immovable, its condition; explaining the process of selling and purchasing a property and the contracts and other legal documents related to it, etc.

1. Assessment

Our first meeting will consist of an evaluation of your knowledge of the French Language according to the criteria established by the OQLF, for both oral expression, and written expression. Next, we will discuss the results of the evaluation and establish together a realistic plan of action, taking into account your objectives, your level of French and the time that you have to study. At the end of the meeting, you will know what you need to do and the time it will take you to be ready, and pass the exam.

2. Preparation Program Description

The preparation is built on the elements that you need to master in order to pass the exam, specifically:

  • understanding clearly given scenario, and being able to identify quickly relevant information;
  • possessing the necessary vocabulary to outline what you will do in this scenario, to give advice to the seller, or to guide the client in the process of purchasing a property;
  • using the RIGHT tense to correctly describe a past, current, future or hypothetic action or event. For example, what renovations were done in the house or what renovations it would be best to do;
  • building proper sentences, which means, to place the words in the RIGHT order.

Finally, in order to pass an exam, you must also develop a strategy accordingly. This aspect is included in our Preparation Program.

Specific Preparation for Written French

We cannot always hear the difference between some endings, but they are still different, and you need to understand this, especially for the written (e.g. the difference between “é” and “er”). After assessing your specific areas of difficulty with written expression, we’ll focus on correcting those issues.

3. Our Teaching Material

Our specially designed Guide (The “French – English Guide to Real Estate Terminology: Preparing for the French Exam for Real Estate Brokers in Quebec”) provides you with all the vocabulary you need to be ready for the exam.
In addition, examples and exercises will allow you to better understand how to use the studied terms in sentences.
You can buy our Guide to Real Estate Terminology on our webiste via PayPal or contact us at:

We are there to accompany you and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your objective: pass the French exam. Please note that homework will be an important factor of your progress.

The preparation that we offer is practical, concrete and complete. To pass the exam, your responses must be clear and precise. No need to make it complicated!